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November 4, 2012
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SSA App :: Celes by Surachii SSA App :: Celes by Surachii
Oh god I'm so lazy and manly men are hard to draw and just fuck everything because fncweidsknvjkeadb - What. OTL

BUT ANYWAYS, I'M FINALLY DONE- //procrastination
Nothing matters anymore... and I'll probably change everything multiple times... BUT FOR NOW, I'M SATISFIED-

:iconss-alliance: :iconluvluvplz:


Name/Codename: Celes "Mr. Sexy"
Age: 23
D.O.B: November 14th
Weight: 190lbs
Height: 6’4”
Orientation: Bisexual, but prefers cute ukes LOL-
Nationality:TBA OTL

Light Generation
Organizational Team

-Kaiken (Japanese dagger)
-Handkerchief (For cleaning anything and everything OTL)

Teasing- He’s a complete asshole ….. in a good way. He enjoys teasing people, especially tsundere types who try to deny the fact that they like him.

Calm- No matter what the situation, he always seems to be level headed and in control, even if he’s nervous as hell.

Independent- While he’s always helping others with things, he’s not really fond of receiving help unless he truly needs it.

Mature- Despite his teasing personality, he’s actually very mature, knowing when to stop playing around and to be serious while working.

-Other people’s effort
-Cute guys
-Zay's body

-Extreme immaturity
-Being sick
-Overly judgemental people

History: (TBU because I'm lazy and tired OTL)
When he was younger, Celes's entire family was attacked by an assassin in the middle of the night, his father having been in hiding for quite some time for things he’d done when he was younger that nobody had known about until right before they died. Everyone was killed, and he just barely was able to escape, only to turn and see his house and everyone in it burning to the ground.
Years later, he eventually forgot everything about his childhood and his family, and one day he realized he couldn't remember anything from before the age of seventeen. Sometime during those years, he had gained his ability to absorb light and realizing he truly had no place to go, he eventually ended up at the agency, where he found he actually belonged. Mostly because of all the attractive men.
Now, just the mentioning of anything that could have happened before he was seventeen puts him in an extremely bad mood, and he'll often just drop the subject, saying that thinking of it gives him an extreme headache, then go off to use Zay's body as comfort.

-Anything dirty
-His own OCD
-Memories/Anything related to him from before the agency
-Cute/amusing/tsundere people
-Sex addiction

-His OCD (LOL yes. It’s both.)
-His skills using any sharp weapon or close range combat
-His calm and cool personality
-Sex (Also both- //shot)

“Ne… You’re such a cutie, you know?”
“You’re so short. You know, if you drank your milk, maybe you’d be as tall as I am~”
“Oh god…. Oh god, where’s a broom. Somebody get me a damn broom, now.”

Celes is a forever-alone whore, so let's just pretend all his relationships are sexual and he enjoys everyone's bodies. eveb

Additional Information:
-He doesn't believe in love
-He has extreme OCD
-He's afraid of ghosts and supernatural things
-He's skilled with weapons but prefers not to use them
-He enjoys cooking and cleaning.... in an obsessive sort of way.
-If he really likes you, he'll probably be quite cruel with his teasing, and mostly possessive and over-protective.
-He has a large X-shaped scar on his back from the assassination during his childhood, though he doesn't know what it's from and he just tells people it was a "sparring accident"
-He is claustrophobic; being in tight spaces reminds his body that he just barely escaped death when he was younger
-Addicted to sex
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Sora: The hell's wrong with this place . . . It's full of tall people. *Mentally sobs and sulks in a corner*
Surachii Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
LOL thanks- :iconcryforeverplz: <333

Celes: *Raises an eyebrow and chuckles lightly before leaning down so he wasn't so tall* I'm sorry.. Is this better~? *Grins teasingly and tilts his head*
TakuHibari Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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Sora: *He stares at the taller man then his eyebrows fringed and his mouth turned into a tiny pout* "Are you mocking me?"
Surachii Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Only if you can provide him with the bodily contact he needs to survive- //shot

Celes: Does it seem that way? *Laughs lightly before shaking his head and resting his hand on top of Sora's as if to emphasize their height difference* Hm.. I'm sorry if it does. *Tilts his head and offers a charming smile, gazing into the other's eyes*
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