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December 31, 2012
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YH App :: Yuuki Shou by Surachii YH App :: Yuuki Shou by Surachii

Nothing makes sense at 2:30am....
I'll have to edit this later OTL
LOL. So. This is my abused child because all of my other characters are boring guys who just attract romance-


NAME: Yuuki, Shou | 優輝,翔
AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 6’2”ft | 188cm
WEIGHT: 135 lbs

YEAR: First
CONDITION: Blindness and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
PTSD – a type of anxiety disorder that can occur after one has seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death.


-Nature/being outside
-Homemade food/objects
-Cute/soft things (plushies, blankets, pillows, animals, hair, etc)
-Maria (his guide dog; an akita)
-Ethan (kind of; [link])

-Blood/pain/sharp objects
-Sudden movements/physical contact
-Vulgar language
-Tight spaces
-Disgusting/sharp feeling objects
- Questions about his scars

| Shy, Polite, Reserved, Quiet, Nervous |
Due to the events of his past, Shou grew up to by quite antisocial, having spent most of his childhood attempting to help his mother who did nothing but abuse him. He never had time for making or hanging out with friends. After the incident where he lost his vision, he became even less social, having been taken out of school for quite awhile to recover. Until he gets to know you, he’ll be both quiet and reserved, and depending on how close you are, he'll probably eternally call you by your last name. Compliments and overly happy people make him feel shy and out of place, causing him to blush often and attempt to get out of the situation.

| Stubborn, Hesitant |
He is often frustrated by his disabilities and the way they seem to control his life. If you touch him suddenly, his PTSD will kick in and he may hyperventilate or have a panic attack. However, if it’s someone he gets along with, he’ll be mostly okay with physical contact, as long as he’s warned first. He also often wakes up from nightmares and day dreams of his mother beating him, or the accident where she blinded him. Because of that, he often loses out on sleep, causing him to be quite tired and a bit irritable and on guard throughout the day. He usually refuses to use his white cane, preferring to have Maria by his side and only using it when absolutely necessary.

| Kind, Caring |
Despite his own problems, he still makes sure to show a smile in order to not bring anyone down. If he sees someone in trouble, he’ll often try to help, even if his blindness causes him to get in the way. No matter how frustrated he is with his disabilities, he can always find it in himself to smile for others and help in any way he can… Unless of course it’s something embarrassing.

| Intelligent |
He may not be able to see, but Shou is always studying hard, making sure to keep excelling grades, as that’s what he’d always thought his mother wanted. Now, even though his mother isn’t there, he finds it sort of a habit to study (with the help of a teacher, or someone close to him) when he’s not doing other things.

Shou was always the blame for his mother’s depression. Because of his existence, his father left his mother, causing her to become an abusive, alcoholic woman. Wanting to make his mother happy, he tried to do everything he could for her; learning how to cook, asking the neighbor to teach him piano, cleaning up around the house, excelling in school and various other things. However, despite all he did, he always came home to a sleeping or screaming drunk mother, who would grab him by the hair and beat him or lock him up in a closet if she felt he did something wrong.

When he was fourteen, he came home from school during one of his mother’s anger fits, and during an attempt to calm the raging woman, she attacked him with a broken beer bottle. He was in the hospital for quite some time, the nurses constantly telling him that he was such a lucky person to have no mental damage from the event in an attempt to distract him from his new blindness. He was never bothered by the event though, figuring that the more stress his mother let out, the more likely she would be to get over it and accept him.

His uncle, his mother’s brother, paid for all of his hospital expenses. Not once when he was in the hospital did his mother come to visit him, and finally, when he was discharged from the hospital, he found his mother no longer lived in the same house, and that he’d been abandoned. His uncle took him in, educating and taking care of him for awhile until he eventually became too busy, deciding instead to enroll him in Yukimura High.

-Voice example: [link] (…or any other Tomohisa/少年T song eveb)
-If you touch him suddenly, he may hyperventilate or worse, unsure if you’re going to pull him off and beat him or lock him in a closet or something… so warn him before you touch him!
-The things he likes calm him down (when he’s having a panic attack or something along those lines)
-Forward/bold people make him extremely nervous
-He’s more than likely gay. Women make him uncomfortable because of his mother. (he’s uninterested in romance though. LOL I have enough of that.)
-He is completely blind in his LEFT eye, but can see minimal blurred images and can somewhat see color in his right.
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